Investing and renovating in an old property can be very exciting, but it also throws up its challenges too. We are here to guide you through every stage of the renovation process, from structural alterations to picking the paint colour. Our staff have the necessary experience to assist you, and whether you're installing the central heating system or repairing plumbing and electrical systems it doesn't matter, we can help with it all.

Drywall Repair

Has weather and use beaten down your drywall? Do you have small holes and nicks that are sure to decrease your home value? Then what you need is the help of our handymen who specialize in drywall repair. We’ll look at the damage, will repair and paint it so it looks just like new and can even make recommendations on additions you can make to limit or prevent further damage in the future. Why settle for nicks and dings on your drywall when our handymen can make those unsightly blemishes disappear.


When you want the best drywall for your home or office design project, then what you want is sheetrock. This brand of drywall is proven to stand up to normal wear and tear far better than some generic drywall offerings. That's why our team is prepared to install sheetrock into your home or office design project and will handle treating the material so that it looks great and stands up better to weather than you may expect. When you call our office, a specialist will visit your location and determine how much sheetrock you need to make your design goals come to life and will help you determine the best way to begin. Don't delay, give our team a call today.


Need assistance with a paint job at home or your place of business? Our professional painting services make it easy to get quality assistance. We touch up surfaces and make recommendations when necessary. We do more than apply a fresh coat of paint. We can strip the old paint to give surfaces a new look. We can complete a variety of paint jobs while ensuring areas are clear and free of paint residue. Our services are used for painting walls, ceilings, doors garages, and more. Request a quote and learn more about our painting services today.


Need roofing repairs or an inspection? Our roofing services make it easy for property owners to get the attention their roof needs. We provide quality assistance for repairs and installation. We provide services to assist with cleaning gutters, replacing shingles, and roof cleaning. We can assess roofing materials if you have concerns about its condition due to weather, humidity, or aging. We know the importance of maintaining roofing materials to ensure effective protection. To learn more about how we can provide services for your roof contact us for a quote today.


Many rooms and homes are made better by the right kind of flooring. Because whether you like wood, carpet, tile, or more, your flooring adds style and class to your home. So when you have a great new design in mind, why not speak with the flooring experts. Our team of handymen can install your brand new floors faster than our competitors and are guaranteed to give you a new flooring look that you will love. So call today for your next flooring project.